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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Found Objects Challenge Card

I decided to try one of the Challenges on the Gingersnap group. Entries due in today or tomorrow, so I probably won't enter it after all.  Since I was participating late (and only I knew I was participating, lol) I just made a simple card.  Almost everything on it is recycled. 
The buttercup cardstock is the only element on the card that is NOT recycled.

The corrugated background is from a used  USPS priority mail box. The outer white layer of paper on these boxes peel off easily to reveal the wonderful corrugated paper beneath.

Then there is a layer of used gift wrap that I had saved and the Frog Stamp from Wild Frog Creations was stamped on a scrap of white card from my scrap box.  Colored with markers.

I had taken apart an old belt of mine (my waist grew) instead of donating it or trashing it.  I saved the entire belt.  I'll find a use for it.  The three clear  circular rhinestones  with brass frames on the  left side of the card are from that belt.  The three brass nail heads below the frog are also from that belt.

The piece of leftover raffia was twisted in the middle with a piece of wire and attached as a bow.
I'll have to figure this out sooner or later, so I just came back to edit this post and follow the rules. Here is the link to the Found Objects Challenge at Gingersnaps.


  1. Fantastic!! You have rocked the Found Objects challenge - I think you've used more than anyone else I've come across. This is an adorable "green" card, in more ways than one :). Thanks for playing!

  2. Wow, wow, wow - I'm so impressed at how much recycled material you included in this card - it's wonderful! Thanks for taking the Gingersnaps challenge!


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