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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Torn Paper Card

Taylor over at Paper Craft Planet is having a contest for a  Perfect  Tears 3 Tool Set and I really thought I might like to have this set of tools so I am entering this card with the torn background into her contest.

Friday, March 9, 2012

4X4 Flower Book

I've joined a swap on one of the yahoo groups I belong to.  Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition. It's a 6 week swap, swap a page a week and the lead time was over a month. I have finished the pages ahead of time.  Here are the details and my pages:

Week 1: Just a page with flowers (stamps, hand drawn, etc)  - I used the sunflower/ladybug stamp from Wild Frog Creations.

Week 2 – Zentangle your flower - Easy enough

Week 3 – Steampunk flowers - Tough one for me. I have no gears, wheels or steampunk items.  I looked up the defination, looked at steampunk art on the web, decided I was not going to participate after all, stewed for several days and came up with this using  the sunflower/frog stamp from Wild Frog Creations and adding an eye to the center of the sunflower.  Found the background as a freebie printable on the web.

Week 4 – Flower child - Again, easy enough.  I used the Pansy Woman stamp from Wild Frog Creations.  Colored, reduced in size for the center, same size for the background and popped up a few pansys around the face.

Week 5 – Flower journal page (use your favorite quote, or just add your thoughts) - Roses are from the Rose Woman rubber stamp sheet from Wild Frog Creations. Background paper is a skytone pink and does not show up in the scan.

Week 6 – YOU, the artist, are a flower (self portrait!) - Crap, really?  Ok, drew myself in less than 5 minutes, decided the original was good enough, colored with pencils, used a sheer purple ribbon as the frame and glass over the picture, added some Iris from the Iris Woman sheet of stamps from Wild Frog Creations.  Then realized it does NOT look like me.  She is the spitting image (where does that phrase come from?) of my granddaughter.  Seriously.  I would have to go back and redraw, adding wrinkles, under eye bags etc, lol to have this actually look like me today.

I made 2 of each page.  One for me, one to trade.  So after the trade is done I will have a total of 12 pages for the book.  I still have to make the covers and do the binding after all the pages arrive.  I will post the finished book around the end of April or beginning of May.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zentangle Bird Woman in Color

Finally got some free time to color this one.  I used water color pencils, but have not done any of the actual blending yet, just the dry pencils.  What do you think?  Looking for honest criticism.  (Yes, you can be brutal)  I had a rough time with deciding how to color the birds and don't quite like them.  Maybe after I get the colors blended they will look better.  The pic is pretty large, so you should be able to click it and see it much bigger.  Images used in the zentangle are stamps from Wild Frog Creations.

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