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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wild Thing Zig Zag Accordian Fold Card

Birthdays are coming up in September, so I've been making cards . . . finally.  Here is the one I've just finished and guess what?  I forgot to put Happy Birthday anywhere on it!

This card also fits right in with the GC67: Random Redhead Challenge: Go 3D  over at
Gingersnap Creations blog.

Scroll down for all the pics, there's several.  I used a TJ technique called a Zig Zag Accordian Card, but I altered it to suit my needs.  The base of this one is actually 8 1/2" wide.  Wasn't sturdy enough to suit me at that size so I added braces to the bottom.

The embellishments on the base include a black panther peeking from behind the bushes where he lays in wait of prey and a tribal carving.  The leaves, flowers and bushes are all hand cut and glued only at the base
so the tops float freely and are also layered with 1/8" thick mounting tape and 1/4" thick mounting tape.

Front of Card

The monkey stamp is from Diamonds rubber stamp company.

Inside of Card

Guess I can write happy birthday in.

Base of Card

Detail photos came out blurry.  Figures.  I may be able to retake them later, but these will do for now.

Guess this card will have to be put into a box instead of an envelope.  Oh well, I had fun doing it.

Excuses, excuses

It's been awhile, I've been busy working festivals.  12 - 16 hour days and I've done  20 days in July and August.  Yep, had to take some vacation days from my real job to do these and had a blast.  As if that wasn't enough insanity, we decided to have a garage sale, lol. 

Creativity hasn't been entirely on the back burner.  I bought a beat up junk guitar at a garage sale in June and I've been working on that off and on.  Sanded it, did repairs and now have finally started painting a scene on the back.

So that what has kept me away.  Now it's time to come back and make some art!
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