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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Card and Blog Candy Reminder!!

I've really got a mess in my craft room.  Several different projects going at once. That's normal, right?
Half completed (or maybe not half) projects include a huge homemade book, a real guitar I'm altering, a Halloween project, a diaorama, a wall hanging, etc and so forth, lol.

But, I did finish my Thanksgiving card and here it is, simple tho' it may be:

Stamps are from Wild Frog Creations  and the leaf is a sticker from Stickopotomus.  Images were colored with colored pencils.

Gentle Nudge:  If you are viewing this post, please scroll down 2 posts on my blog and enter to win my Blog Candy Here!  Here's a pic to encourage you:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Celebrating and Blog Candy CLOSED


WoooHoooo!!  My new blog has had over 1000 visitors!  Actually, I meant to give away the candy at 1000 visitors, but somehow it jumped to over 1200 before I had a chance to get this posted.  So I guess I will have 2 different giveaways.

Here's the first giveaway in the form of candy:

It's a mixed up jumble of goodies!  Here's a list of what's in there and another pic with it all spread out a bit better:

*Grab Bag of unmounted rubber stamps from Wild Frog Creations. This is made up of full sheets, partial sheets and individual stamps. A total of 32 images!
*Seven die cut boxes
*Twenty 6" X 9" sheets of cream cardstock
*One package of 28 mini dominos
*One blank book for altering.  It is 8 1/8" tall X 6 3/8' wide hard cover fully bound with 28 heavy paper pages (14 sheets) inside.
*One blank sheet of rubber approx. 5" X 6".  Use this to make your own shadow stamps in any shape or size.
*Twenty nine assorted fancy envelopes
*Embellishments - Dragonfly & butterfly
*Miscellaneous Stickers
* One ATC size collage card sheet  destinations

To enter this giveaway there are 3 requirements:
1. Be a follower please.
2. Post a pic of the candy in your sidebar with a link back here.
3. Leave a comment on this post that enables me to reach you in some way if you are the winner.  Through your blog is fine.
Now on to the SECOND giveaway:
One new sheet of unmounted rubber stamps of your choice from Wild Frog Creations Rubber Stamps!
To enter this giveaway:
1. Go to Wild Frog Creations and choose what sheet of stamps you would like to win.
2. Place a second comment on this post telling me what sheet of stamps you chose and a way to contact you if you've won.  Through your blog is fine.

Entries must be received by November 12.  Winners will be chosen from a random draw.  I will announce the winners on the 14th.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Think Pink Challenge Entry

Here is my submission for Vicki's "Think Pink" themed challenge over at The Cheerful Stamp Pad.

This one actually needs a bit of explanation, or maybe not, lol.  I was trying to decide what to make for this challenge and said to myself  "OK, what do I make for Vicki's Thing Pink thingy.  Hmmm, Vicki's Think Pink, Vicki's Think Pink, Vicki's Think Pink. OH MY GOSH! That sounds just like a Victoria's Secret logo!"  I have to use one of my Vickki's bags.  Yep, old ladies shop at Vickki's too. The different pink bags and tissues they wrap in are always saved for recycled crafts in my home, lol.

Base card is white cardstock, card is 6" tall X 5 1/2".  Top of background is embossed pink skytone cardstock.  Bottom of background is cut out of a Victoria's Secret bag. Sheer pink lacy ribbon with white polka dots covering the join. 

Now I thought the only colors to be used in this challenge were pink and white and putting a girl on the card with pink and white hair just wouldn't do. What else is pink that will go on this card?  Why, my sexy pink Pig Doll stamp.  Of course!  Pig Doll  (named Victoria for this challenge) and her Clothes rubber stamps used were from Wild Frog Creations Rubber Stamps.  The name Victoria was cut from the side of a Vickki's bag.  The heart embellishment did not scan well.  It is actually pink also.  OH NO!  The ribbon rose in the bottom corner has two green leaves.  I scanned the card before I noticed them.  SO I CUT THEM OFF,
but I'm too lazy this morning to re scan the card.  Hey.  They aren't there.  You don't seem them. Really.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goddess Card for Vicki's Challenge

Here is my submission for Vicki's "Woman" themed challenge over at The Cheerful Stamp Pad

The base cardstock is purple and the woman image from Wild Frog Creations  is colored with chalks and mounted on mulberry paper.  Verse stamps company is unknown.

Very Late Entry GC72: Color Challenge - Neutrals plus one color

LOL, Looks like I'm late!  I had 3 cards I made for the GC72: Color Challenge - Neutrals plus one color
Challenge at GingerSnapCreations and decided to upload them today, however the submissions were closed when I tried.  Oh well,  I'll  post them here anyway.   I didn't mean to make 3 cards, but when I started I just continued with some of the other stamps from the sheet I chose to use.  Yep, that's probably why I'm late, lol.

On with the show, here's the first card, the one I would have entered:

Here is the 2nd card, I still can't tie a bow decently:

And the 3rd, also with a wierd bow:

All stamps used were from Wild Frog Creations.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Pinwheel Cards

My attemps at the Pinwheel Technique from Technique Junkies.  Two cards. 

The first was done with brown cardstock.  Pinwheel made from wallpaper pieces layered on dusky olive green, mounted on more wallpaper and layered on orange cardstock.  Pumpkin from Wild Frog Creations.  Leaf charms added as accents.

The second card.  Black cardstock.  Pinwheel made with metallic (does not show up well in the scan) paper and black cardstock.  Mounted on background made with d'vine swirl embossing folder and metallic rub on's.  Once agin, the metallics don't show up very well on the scan.  Same pumpkin from Wild Frog Creations mounted on the pinwheel.

Two Halloween Cards

I like the first card best.  Orange card, background made using blue cardstock and the D'vine Swirl embossing folder with black ink.  Stamps are discontinued stamps from Wild Frog Creations.  Image colored with markers.

Second card  was done on black glossy with webbing spray.  Image is also a discontinued one (although I still have the molds) colored with markers and chalks.  Orange and black ribbons tied together.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Christmas Articulated Moving Frog Puppet Card

First Christmas card I  have made this year.  This one will most likely go to one of my grandchildren.
It's an oversize 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" on cream cardstock.  The Frog Doll rubber stamp is from Wild Frog Creations.  He was colored with colored pencils and blended with a Dove blender, pieces joined together semi -loosely (just tight enough that he can still move) with tiny green paper fasteners.   A Santa hat with pom pom tassel was added along with a ribbon bow.  Embroidery thread was used to create the working mechanism to make the puppet move when the tree lite bulb on the end of the string is pulled. Both his arms and legs move. 

By this time I was tired and just slapped the guy down on background paper with mounting cushion, being careful to place it where it would not interfere with the puppet mechanism, added some punched corners and called it good enough.  I had planned to have holly in the corners, but it was too much trouble, lol.

Fall Leaf Card

This fall leaf card is the standard 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" size. 

Glossy white cardstock base. Front was stamped with the
large leaf stamp from Wild Frog Creations  & colored with markers.
The front was then trimmed along the outlines of the outer leaf
edges to about 3/4 size to reveal the inside of the card.
Inside of card has orange glossy paper to match the leaf color
and the sentiment "Happy Fall".

Quilled dragonfly 3-D Stand Out Stickers are by Provo Craft.

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