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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Card and Blog Candy Reminder!!

I've really got a mess in my craft room.  Several different projects going at once. That's normal, right?
Half completed (or maybe not half) projects include a huge homemade book, a real guitar I'm altering, a Halloween project, a diaorama, a wall hanging, etc and so forth, lol.

But, I did finish my Thanksgiving card and here it is, simple tho' it may be:

Stamps are from Wild Frog Creations  and the leaf is a sticker from Stickopotomus.  Images were colored with colored pencils.

Gentle Nudge:  If you are viewing this post, please scroll down 2 posts on my blog and enter to win my Blog Candy Here!  Here's a pic to encourage you:


  1. It's normal for me...I've always got multiple projects going on. It's a sickness, but what a wonderful one!

  2. It's normal for us crafters. When we get on a creative roll we just keep going.
    Very sweet Thanksgiving Card.

  3. love your thanksgiving card. i'm thinking about getting started on those myself. enjoy the messiness of your craftspace. it is the sign of an artist at work! xo

  4. Very lovely Thanksgiving card. Somehow I doubt that your room is as messy as mine! Don't believe you can create and play without the mess!

  5. Beautiful Thanksgiving card. The colors are perfect and image is beautiful.

  6. I'm with you on the ton of unfinished projects that are on my able...hope to get some mojo going on this week...thanks for popping by; I always wish I could make cards (no patience) :)Happy Thanksgiving!!


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