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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zentangle Journal Page

As many of you know, I've been working on a Zentangle Journal for well over a year.  Just off and on between other projects sporadically.  Here is my most recent *unfinished* artwork.  Unfinished only  because I intend to color this one.  That's why there is very little black and no shading at all yet, however, I still think I could call it done if I wished.  Hopefully will get the colored version up soon.
The images are stamps from Wild Frog Creations Rubber Stamps.

I am entering this artwork in:

1. Gingersnap Creations "Words Of Wisdom" challenge.  The words of wisdon on the piece are: "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus". 

2. Paper Creations Ink Challenge 19 Show Us Your Style

3. Smudgy Antics "Wicked with Wings" Challenge

Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Minute Valentines & Very Bad Hair Day

This past weekend I decided I had to make DH a valentine after all.  It was that or go to the store and tell him I didn't feel like making him a Valentine.  Can't do that, seriously, now could I?
So off I went to the craft room and the first card I made turned out very nice indeed . . . if I were giving it to a woman.
*sigh* What was I thinking?  Ok, so here's the first card, totally unsuitable for a man:

And here is the inside of that card:

Each section of the inside heart book is either stamped with words (Love, Cute, Sweet, Irresistible, XOXO, etc) or stickers.  The card is an oversized 5 1/2" X 7 1/4".  I got the pattern for the heart book on the inside here.   I've decided to enter this one into Inspiration Emporium's "Put a Heart on It" challenge. That was Saturdays work.

Back to the craft room on Sunday to make a manly card.  Here's was where the bad hair day came in. First I cut off about an inch of my hair in the Fisker's cutting when cutting the darn cardstock to the correct size. Once again a 5 1/2" X 7 1/2" card on two sided stock.  One side red, the other pink.
Then I got my hair somehow taped under the first layer with the double stick tape.  Crap.  Ok, that did it.  I took the time to get a large hairclip.  Then I stabbed myself with the exacto knife while trying to get the fancy red fiber out from underneath the King of Heart.  Had to go get a bandaid, took the darn hairclip out that was giving me a headache and wnet back to it.  Finally finished the front successfully, then glued my hair to the pop - up on the inside with the elmers glue.  Good thing this card was for dh, lol.  Anyway, I was not very happy with the way this one turned out, but I think he will like it.  Here are the pics.  Outside:

And inside.  It's hard to tell the center heart is a pop up, but it really is.

And those are the only two Valentines I made this year.

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