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Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Minute Valentines & Very Bad Hair Day

This past weekend I decided I had to make DH a valentine after all.  It was that or go to the store and tell him I didn't feel like making him a Valentine.  Can't do that, seriously, now could I?
So off I went to the craft room and the first card I made turned out very nice indeed . . . if I were giving it to a woman.
*sigh* What was I thinking?  Ok, so here's the first card, totally unsuitable for a man:

And here is the inside of that card:

Each section of the inside heart book is either stamped with words (Love, Cute, Sweet, Irresistible, XOXO, etc) or stickers.  The card is an oversized 5 1/2" X 7 1/4".  I got the pattern for the heart book on the inside here.   I've decided to enter this one into Inspiration Emporium's "Put a Heart on It" challenge. That was Saturdays work.

Back to the craft room on Sunday to make a manly card.  Here's was where the bad hair day came in. First I cut off about an inch of my hair in the Fisker's cutting when cutting the darn cardstock to the correct size. Once again a 5 1/2" X 7 1/2" card on two sided stock.  One side red, the other pink.
Then I got my hair somehow taped under the first layer with the double stick tape.  Crap.  Ok, that did it.  I took the time to get a large hairclip.  Then I stabbed myself with the exacto knife while trying to get the fancy red fiber out from underneath the King of Heart.  Had to go get a bandaid, took the darn hairclip out that was giving me a headache and wnet back to it.  Finally finished the front successfully, then glued my hair to the pop - up on the inside with the elmers glue.  Good thing this card was for dh, lol.  Anyway, I was not very happy with the way this one turned out, but I think he will like it.  Here are the pics.  Outside:

And inside.  It's hard to tell the center heart is a pop up, but it really is.

And those are the only two Valentines I made this year.


  1. Lovely--especially like the inside heart book idea. Clever, thanks for the link.

  2. Great Valentinea. Love the heart with multiple layers.

  3. Both cards are fabulous - I really like how you decorated the insides!

  4. Great cards - perfect for Valentine's day!!

  5. Great cards! Really love that 3-D heart on top.

  6. Beautiful Valentines! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  7. Lovely cards Shelly. Time for a haircut?..LOL.. Saw these on MIM. Loz


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