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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hybrid Transforming Frog Woman

This card is 4 3/4" X 6 3/4".  Scanner did not quite pick up the correct colors.  Background is olive green, frame around the morphing frog woman is a green-yellow, frog woman is a lime green.

Ribbon bow was handmade and held together with a paper fastener that was tinted green with green pigment ink and embossed with clear powder.  I am NOT good at bows of any kind and I have one on the next card I'm in the middle of now, lol.

Frog Woman image is from Wild Frog Creations Rubber Stamps.


  1. lovely and this type of bow works perfectly

  2. Well froggys are not my thing but this is an interesting image and completely origional! so I like it for that well done you for coming back and good luck for the future to you!

  3. Sexiest frog I've ever seen, I just luv it!


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