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Monday, June 21, 2010

Altered Box Love Potion # 9 additional Info

I hade several questions on the assemblege in the post below, so thought I should put a few notes here.  Sorry I didn't do this earlier, but making the entire piece in just a couple days (work days during the week at that) overwhelmed me to the point that when I posted the project way past my usual bedtime that night I forgot to add any actual info.

The base is actually a CD case, primered with plastic primer, painted gold, cov ered with itty bitty gold beads on the top, 4 gold balls as the pedestal feet, gold ribbon around edges and decorated with crystal balls on each corner made from wooden and glass beads.  The shell pieces were just scattered randomly for the photo, they are not meant to be attached to the piece.

The bottle is a tiny vintage glass bottle with a vial type glass dropper.  Don't know the original use.  It is filled with clear hair gel that is tinted with a drop of blue paint and a drop of glitter.  A pinky ring with a heart on it was used as the decoration on the bottle.

The box itself was painted with gold acrylic and  rubbed with blue, copper and red metallic rub on's before it was sealed.

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