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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kimono Challenge & a Simple Kimono Card Tutorial

Here is the first challenge on this blog.  The theme of this one is "Kimono".  Please join me and submit any type of artwork that contains a kimono.  Folded, stamped, digital, painted, etc.  New artwork or old artwork that you still have laying around.  Anything goes! 

Entries will be accepted through Dec 2nd.   Please use the linky at the end of this post to add your submissions. Winner of this challenge will receive a  grab bag of 6 unmounted rubber stamps.  Grabbag will include 2 Christmas stamps, 1 birthday stamp, 1 corner stamp, 1 texture stamp and 1 autumn verse stamp.

Don't have any Kimono stamps, digitals or stickers?  No old cards or posts with kimonos? No problem, just use the instructions below to make a Kimono shaped card.

                                               Kimono Card Instructions
Several folks have asked me for instructions to make the tunnel card that is in a previous post.
I will make a tutorial for that hopefully next week.  It's a little complicated and I don't have the time to explain that one right now.  However, I did make a Kimono card and it's so simple that I thought I would use it for my first blog tutorial.

There are many patterns online to make fancier folded kimono cards.  If interested, just do a google search.
There are no fancy folds in this tutorial.  Also, this card can be made with your scrap pieces!  Yea!

Materials Needed:
Scraps of cardstock cut to the sizes below. I used scraps from previous projects for the sample that had already been colored.
2 pieces of cardstock that are 11" X 2 1/2"

1 piece of cardstock that is 4" X 5 1/2"
1 piece of cardstock that is 10" X 1 3/4"
1 piece of cardstock that is 9" X 1"
Scrap of Ribbon
1 embellishment (button, charm, flower etc)
Adhesive of choice

Fold each long strip of cardstock in half. Fold the rectangular piece in half so it is 2" X 5 1/2".

Slip one of the longest folded pieces into the 2" X 5 1/2" piece, centering it and glue it into place.

Slip the other longest folded piece over the 2" X 5 1/2" piece, aligning it with the first long piece and glue it into place. Now you have the basic kimono shape. Se it aside.

Take the 1" wide piece and slip it over the 1 3/4" wide piece and glue into place. Wrap and tie the ribbon around it.

Slip this piece over the top of the kimono that you set aside earlier and glue into place.. Add the embellishment of your choice.

If desired, round all edges. Voila! A simple kimono card using scraps.
Here is another I made:

Here is a pic of the unmounted rubber stamp grab bag:


  1. Fabulous cards! I will have to give this a try and thank you so much for the instructions! How fun!

  2. This is a great tutorial. I'll have to try this as I love to use my scraps!

  3. thanks for this Shelley. i'm going to have to give it a try... xo

  4. I just blogged about my fabulous blog candy! Thank you again, Shelley! Oh and yes, the shrink plastic is amazing! Now I need to order some clear!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Fantastic cards Shelly and thanks for the tutorial I will be having a go at this.
    Hugs Linda

  6. Hello!
    I loved your work
    Many congratulations!
    They are an inspiration to me!
    I will continue to follow it!

    Kisses *
    Luz* * *

  7. Great tutorial Shelley! I should really have followed it, but managed to make a kimono anyway. I love a challenge!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this challenge and hope to be back with an entry by tomorrow!

  9. Never knew that kimonos could come in such your blog, Shelley...will try to make some kimonos of my own. Thanks for ALL the inspirational posts...will check back!
    Hugs, Abbyj

  10. Your kimono ROCKS!!!I love that paper it looks like wood! great tutorial too!


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